What do Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine and Gaspar Noé have in common? Other than their shared status as some of cinema’s most provocative auteurs, they’ve also all had a hand in Travis Scott’s latest project Circus Maximus, a 75 minute film that recruits the three filmmakers, and a few others (Khalil Joseph and Valdimar Jóhannsson) to bring his new album Utopia to life.

You can find the full film online, which breathes new life into all 19 songs from Utopia, but a standout is Gaspar Noé’s video for MODERN JAM, which feels ripped straight out of the Argentinian filmmaker’s oeuvre. Think Climax, but with Scott and guest feature Daft Punk’s vocals blasting through the speakers of an underground rave. It’s a collaboration you may not have expected, but Noé pulsing visuals are a perfect fit over MODERN JAM’s frenetic beat.

Check out the video below, and read our issue four Q&A with Gaspar here.