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Isabelle Huppert, French Actress & Film Producer Carole Bellaiche / H&K "Un Barrage Contre le Pacifique" Film by Rithy Panh Cambodia Outdoor Color *** Local Caption *** Huppert Isabelle_Carole Bellaiche_4000
Confessions, Film

“I usually get it on the first take”: An interview with Isabelle Huppert

Although she’s admirably calm on the outside and her voice is poised and composed, Isabelle Huppert’s inner clock is ticking. She’s a woman who simply doesn’t have enough time…

BY Jason Solomons


Confessions, Film

On Paths of Glory

Offering his unique insight, Matthew Modine shares an essay on his memories of working with Kubrick, Paths of Glory, and Full Metal Jacket.

BY Matthew Modine


The 74th Cannes Film Festival - Photocall after closing ceremony - Cannes, France, July 17, 2021. Director Julia Ducournau, Palme d'Or award winner for the film "Titane", poses. REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier

La Nouvelle Vague au Feminin

BY Julien Planté



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