Culture, Film

Dressing Boccaccio ’70

BY Anna Mouglalis

In her native French, actress Anna Mouglalis writes about the ensemble film Boccaccio ‘70, and the understated role played by Coco Chanel


Culture, Film

A Star Comes To Venice

BY Bill Gerber

American film producer Bill Gerber shares the experience of bringing A Star is Born to the Venice Film Festival, as well as some Gaga-star power to the lido.



The Other Avvocato

BY Michele Masneri

Author and journalist Michele Masneri on the experience of meeting Arrigo Cipriani at Harry’s bar in Venice, and how the legendary lawyer-turned-barman and restaurateur drove him at full speed through the streets of La Serenissima.


ITALY. Venice. Mrs Peggy GUGGENHEIM in her palace on the Grand Canal. 1950.

Art, Sex, and Dogs: Peggy Guggenheim’s Venice

BY Lisa Immordino Vreeland

What did Lisa Immordino Vreeland discover about Peggy Guggenheim’s time in Venice, while researching for her film on the American art collector? Here, she shares a lesser-known side to the socialite.



Ruthie Rogers: Food Is Drama

BY Ruthie Rogers

The River Cafés Ruthie Rogers speaks on the drama on food and shares a personal favourite Italian recipe…


Culture, Film

The Donna Fatale

BY Fatima Khan

What did the iconic women of Italian film have in
common? Fatima Khan unpacks what she calls ‘La Donna Fatale’



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