Art & Photography

What Daria D’Antonio Sees

BY A Rabbit's Foot

The first woman to win the Globe D’Oro for Best Cinematography, Daria D’Antonio shares a selection of her own photographs as well as her beliefs on the importance of images.


Satyajit Ray (Getty Images)
Art & Photography, Style

Director’s Style

BY Fatima Khan

Since the advent of cinema, great directors have cultivated their personal style off-screen as well as through their movies. Here, we explore the sartorial triumphs of the filmmakers…


Art & Photography, Culture, Film

Notes from the Assoulines

BY Maison Assouline

Prosper and Martine Assouline are behind the first luxury brand on Culture, publishing some of the most coveted tomes in the world. Here, they share some of their memories of cinema – from masterful cinematographers to the colourful charm of posters.



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