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The Enduring Legacy of Eve Arnold

February 9, 2023

Michael Arnold, the grandson of legendary Magnum photographer Eve Arnold, pens a tribute to the incredible life and career of his grandmother.

BY Michael Arnold [Images courtesy of Magnum Photos]

Art & Photography

Screen Printing The Uprising: Inside Beirut’s Artistic Revolution

February 9, 2023

Graphic artist and activist Farah Fayyad pens a lyrical love letter to Lebanon and the artistic revolution she helped pioneer..

BY Farah Fayyad

Art & Photography

What Daria D'Antonio Sees

September 1, 2022

One of Italy’s finest cinematographers, and the first woman to win the Globe D’Oro for Best Cinematography, and the David Di Donatello for Best Photography, shares a selection of her own photographs as well as her beliefs on the beauty and importance of images.

BY A Rabbit's Foot

Art & Photography

An Artist’s Very French Connection

May 13, 2022

The British artist Damian Elwes looks back on his life and his connection to France.

BY Damian Elwes

Art & Photography

Cocteau on The Testament of Orpheus

May 26, 2022

These essays first appeared in Two Screenplays: The Blood of A Poet and The Testament of Orpheus (1985). Reprinted by permission of Marion Boyars Publishers, New York, London.

BY Jean Cocteau

Art & Photography

Corto Maltese and Venice, The Talisman of Dreams

September 1, 2022

Marco Steiner writes a journal-entry style love letter to Hugo Pratt's Venice, told through the adventures of Corto Maltese

BY Marco Steiner

Art & Photography

Una Donna del Sud: Alba Clemente

September 1, 2022

Iconic theatre star, costume designer and artist Alba Clemente answers some questions from ARF's Chris Cotonou

BY Chris Cotonou


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