San Sebastián is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and, starting today, they’ll begin welcoming a small and carefully curated group of films and filmmakers to celebrate the milestone with them.

We’ve compiled a small watchlist of the movies we’re most anticipating…see below!

The Wonder (dir. Sebastian Lelio)

Starring Florence Pugh (or, Miss Flo, as Olivia Wilde and the piping hot-tea-drinking masses of the internet have dubbed her), Sebastian Lelio’s Ireland-set drama follows an English nurse who travels to a tiny village to observe a medical miracle that soon becomes a sensation.

Prison 77 (dir. Alberto Rodriguez Librero)

Opening the festival Out Of Competition is Librero’s prison-thriller starring Prison Heist’s Miguel Herrán as an imprisoned accountant on a mission to bring the Spanish prison system to its knees…

Walk Up (dir. Hong Sang-soo)

One of the most eclectic filmmakers in the business, festival-darling Hong Sang-soo’s second feature of the year sees a middle-aged filmmaker reconciling with his estranged daughter, in what promises to be another entry to Hong’s ouvre that finds potency in the mundane.

Dear Grandma (dir. Jabi Elortegi)

After competing in San Sebastian’s New Director’s strand with his 2019 feature Perfect Happiness, Jabi Elortegi is back at the festival with a heartfelt-comedy Dear Grandma about a man who moves to a small village in Argentina only to discover that the populace have been pretending they live in the 1950s for the benefit of an old woman who has just woken from a coma.

A Hundred Flowers (dir. Genki Kawamura)

Genji Kawamura is appearing at the festival for the first time as filmmaker, after a career spent producing some of Japan’s most successful and acclaimed modern film. His debut is a poignant portrait of trauma, memory, and forgiveness, as a man copes with his mother’s looming dementia.